ILIUM Technology Wins R&D 100 Award
Model 2100 Liquid Conductivity Meter

Medford, MA/December, 2016 - ILIUM Technology has received a prestigious R&D 100 Award for its Model 2100 Liquid Conductivity Meter. R&D Magazine announced the awards at its 54th Annual R&D 100 Awards Dinner on November 3, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

"For decades, electrical conductivity of liquids has been a workhorse technique in aqueous systems. For the first time, the ILIUM Technology Model 2100 Conductivity Meter and its associated smart probes with its milli-S/cm to femto-S/cm, 12-decade range, enable these techniques to be applied to any solvent system for the determination of electrical properties, total dissolved solids, solvent purity, titrations, clean-in-place applications, synthesis and formulation processes, etc.," said Richard Melanson, Director of Business Development. "This enabling technology finally brings these techniques to industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industrial chemicals, paint and ink, personal care, food science, etc., where non-aqueous systems are common."

Key to the 2100's performance is its range of smart probes, which are factory calibrated and completely sample independent. There is no need to recalibrate the probe every time a sample with a significantly different conductivity or dielectric constant is measured. This makes the Model 2100 and its probes unique in their ability to follow a titration or production mixing process as the target liquid&squots conductivity moves through several decades of conductivity range. The NIST traceable factory calibration of ILIUM&squots smart probes covers the full range of use for each probe. This ensures high accuracy over the full range of the probe and eliminates the need to field calibrate the probe over difficult to calibrate ranges.

The Model 2100 and its associated line of high-accuracy smart probes can measure the conductivity of liquids from
10-3 S/cm, such as low concentration salt solutions in water, down to 10-15 S/cm, approaching hexane and other highly non-polar solvents. The Model 2100 Conductivity Meter and fully immersible 1020 Smart Dip Probe, covering the range from 25 μS/cm down to 25 fS/cm, are available now. The 1010 Smart Dip Probe, which will cover the range from 1 mS/cm to 5 pS/cm, is scheduled for release the summer of 2017. The probe covering the range from 0.5 μS/cm down to 1 fS/cm will complete the product suite, and is expected to be available late 2017.

About ILIUM Technology, Inc. 

ILIUM Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures ultra-wide range electrical conductivity meters and smart probes for chemical analysis in the laboratory, contract laboratory, and production markets. The ILIUM management team has a combined 70-year history in chemical research and electronics. It is headquartered in Medford, MA. For more information, please visit: