Chemists, material scientists, process engineers, laboratory technicians, and laboratory managers will find ILIUMís meters and smart probes to be ideal for a wide range of applications in industries including: chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, personal care, food, paints, inks, petroleum, semiconductors, and electronic displays. A small sample of application examples are shown on the chart below to indicate where they fall in the 12 decade range covered by ILIUMís Model 2100 conductivity meter and its family of smart probes.

Because of the past difficulty and expense of obtaining accurate conductivity measurements below 1 micro-Siemen/cm, many people are unaware of how the measurement can provide quick, continuous and economical information about their product formulations and processes. The Model 2100 and its family of smart probes make obtaining information over this range of conductivities as simple, if not simpler, than obtaining more traditional aqueous conductivity data.

ILIUM is currently working with people in a broad range of application areas who have found conductivity measurements to be unexpectedly valuable for their research, development, and process needs.

If you would like to discuss how wide-range conductivity measurements can be helpful in your product development, formulation, research, QA/QC or process application, please contact us at ILIUM Technology.